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What new features and enhancements have been released in MoneyBrilliant?

We release new features and enhancements to the MoneyBrilliant service all the time. Look out for our announcements about these exciting new features on our blog or if you are a MoneyBrilliant customer, in your Activity Feed and by email.

Access this blog article to find out about the latest new features and enhancements to MoneyBrilliant:

Introducing a Simpler Way to Connect Your Accounts

Information about past new features and enhancements are also available from these recent articles:

Introducing New Multi currency Features

Our New Connector for Salesforce and updates to the Partner Toolkit

Updates to People Like Me, Brand Administration and Partner Toolkit

New for April 2018 – Protect My Family

Saving Opportunities in Optimise My Banking and new Partner Practice Features

New for January 18 – Even smarter transaction categorisation, new Partner Toolkit and new connections

Compare your Spending and Income using People Like Me

New features – introducing Bill Watch

New features – Never forget to claim an allowable tax deduction again

New features to help you achieve your savings goals

MoneyBrilliant and PractiFi partner to provide "continuous" financial planning

New MoneyBrilliant features for Partners

April 17 - New features to help you make better decisions about your money

New features to help you make better decisions about your money - 29 March 2017

MoneyBrilliant releases new features to help people make better decisions about their money - February 2017

The new budget and what we love about it - November 2016

Today MoneyBrilliant got even more brilliant - November 2016

New functionality for MoneyBrilliant customers - October 2016

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