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What is Own my Own Home?

Own my Own Home is a unique feature to MoneyBrilliant to help you build a plan to own your own home sooner. It will help you estimate the purchase costs, calculate the grants and concessions you are entitled to, save your deposit faster and maximise your borrowing capacity.

It will also coach you to meet tough new responsible lending requirements and be the best borrower you can be!

Watch this short video to see Own My Own Home in action

All MoneyBrilliant customers, even those on our free plans, can use the Property Cost component to estimate their purchase costs, including stamp duty and due diligence costs and calculate their entitlement to government grants and concessions. Unlike simple ‘calculators’ MoneyBrilliant will track things for you and let you know about things like changes in median property prices and changes to government grants and concessions.

To access the Savings Capacity, Borrowing Capacity and Financing components of Own My Own Home you’ll need to be a MoneyBrilliant Plus customer.

More information about MoneyBrilliant Plus is available on our website. If you are not a Plus customer, you can upgrade to MoneyBrilliant Plus in the web browser version of MoneyBrilliant or in the MoneyBrilliant mobile apps.

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