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What is Net Worth?

Net Worth is a MoneyBrilliant feature to help you understand the value of all your Assets and Liabilities.  It is displayed on the Overview tab of your MoneyBrilliant dashboard.

Your Net Worth is simply the value of your Assets less the value of your Liabilities.

To make the most of the Net Worth feature you should connect as many financial accounts as possible. You can also add cash accounts to your net worth to reflect amounts not held in your bank accounts.

Plus Plan

For Plus plan members there are addition premium features available in Net Worth.

Plus plan members can view their Net Worth history. Net Worth history displays end of month balances and builds from the moment a customer connects an account or adds a manual account to their MoneyBrilliant service.

Plus plan members can add manual assets and liabilities to Net Worth and can edit or delete them at any time. Manual assets and liabilities are included in your Net Worth calculation so you can now get a clear view or your true worth.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan members still get the benefit of seeing the net value of their connected bank accounts, investment accounts, superannuation, credit cards, loans and cash accounts which updates automatically when the accounts update.

Basic Plan members have the ability to add manual cash accounts. And while Basic Plan members can’t view their Net Worth history, it is available anytime they wish to upgrade to the MoneyBrilliant Plus Plan from the Plan & Billing page on the MoneyBrilliant desktop browser app.

You can read more about the benefits of upgrading to our Plus plan, including our Money Back guarantee on our website.


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