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What is a transaction tag?

Transaction tagging is an enhanced feature available when you subscribe to Plus, the paid plan of MoneyBrilliant. Transaction tags give you the freedom to break your spending down in detail to understand exactly where your money is going. Tagging allows you to define your own Tags and apply those tags to transactions in any category.

You might use transaction tags to track things like tax deductible expenses or the expenses related to a specific project like a home renovation.

Tag your transactions for different holidays. At the end of the spending period you can see your overall holiday spend (flights, accommodation etc.) and also understand how much you spent in each category for each holiday.

Do you and your partner share accounts?  Tag your name or your partner's name on your respective transactions for coffee, alcohol and clothes.

You can use transaction Tags to analyse your spending across Categories just by filtering for your tags in your Transactions screen.


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