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How does MoneyBrilliant Work?

MoneyBrilliant is a revolutionary service designed to help people make better decisions about their money so they can live better lives.

MoneyBrilliant brings all your financial information together so you can see everything in one place. Once your financial information is all in one place it becomes easier to understand what you earn, what you spend and how you spend it. We then use your information to provide you with insights about your money and suggestions that might help you manage it more effectively. You can also use MoneyBrilliant to set goals and track progress towards them.

You bring all your financial information together into MoneyBrilliant by connecting your accounts. It's a pretty simple process to Connect your Accounts but if you want more information on this have a look at our Connecting Accounts Help article.

We do all this through your MoneyBrilliant dashboard on your phone, tablet or computer. Your dashboard provides access to all the features of MoneyBrilliant. Features are organised into modules we call Money Priorities. When you establish a new Money Priority we create a new tab on your MoneyBrilliant.

The key features of MoneyBrilliant and how they work are explained in more detailed under the Using MoneyBrilliant section of our Help page.

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