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How do I view and filter my spending reports?

Your Spending Report is located in the Manage my Spending dashboard. It's a great way to see you spending over a period across all or some of your spending categories.

The Spending Report shows your spending in 3 different charts:

  1. Pie chart - see your spending over a period with your categorised spending represented in a pie chart
  2. Line chart- see your spending by category and by month. Select categories to plot your spending by month as a line chart
  3. Bar chart - see your total spending by month

Select the Spending Report on the Manage My Spending dashboard to access each of these charts. If you are on mobile, swipe each chart to move between them. If you are using the MoneyBrilliant web browser, select the chart icon from the top left.

You can filter your spending in any of the charts by:

  • Date range
  • Account
  • Transaction type
  • Tags (currently only on desktop)
  • Subcategory when using the line chart on web browser

You can access the filters in mobile by selecting filter in the top right of the screen. In web browser, the filters are displayed to the right of your Spending Reports.


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