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How do I refresh my connected accounts?

When you refresh your accounts we connect to your financial institution's online account and update your MoneyBrilliant service with your latest balances and transactions.

You can refresh your accounts at any time and chose to refresh all your financial institutions at once (Refresh All) or one at a time (Refresh). We'll refresh all your accounts automatically overnight if you haven't already done so the day before.

If your financial institution requires additional security authentication procedures during the login process, then you'll need to refresh you accounts manually. Refer to How do I connect accounts to MoneyBrilliant that require additional security authentication procedures? for help on how to do this.

Remember, refreshing your accounts usually takes a couple of minutes.

Refreshing all your financial institutions at once (Refresh All)

The refresh all option is available in your Net Worth Breakdown and in My Accounts. This option is called Refresh All in the mobile app, or Refresh All Accounts in the web browser version.

Refreshing your financial institutions one at a time (Refresh)

You can refresh just one financial institution at a time by navigating to Connected Services and selecting the refresh option for that particular institution. Connected Services is located in Settings.

If you are in mobile, select the financial institution you wish to refresh to locate the Refresh option.

If you are in the web browser version, the refresh option for each financial institution is located to the right of each institution. Select the refresh icon to refresh your financial institution.



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