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How do I export my transactions and data?

To export your data and transactions you'll need to login to the MoneyBrilliant web app using a browser - 

When you Export you will receive an Excel file with:

  • Accounts Summary (bank accounts and credit cards)
  • Spending Report
  • your Transactions

You can chose one of the 5 timeframe options for your Spending Report and Transaction data:

  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • this financial year (from 1 July to present)
  • last financial year
  • all time

Web browser -

To export your data, select Settings from the left-hand menu on your screen and and then click Export data.

Under the Export heading, choose your date range (30 days, 90 days, this financial year, last financial year, and all time).

Click Export to export your data and transactions.

An Excel file will be downloaded to your computer with your data and transactions.


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