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How do I change the category of a transaction?

You can manually change a transaction category at any time. And with our Suggested Categories feature, manually categorising your transactions has never been easier or quicker.

The best place to review your transactions is in My Transactions or Uncategorised Transactions in Overview. You can change the category of a transaction by selecting the current category from the transaction detail screen in mobile or anywhere you see the transaction in the web browser version.

Selecting the current category will direct you to the Categories screen where you can set the appropriate category in a number of ways:

Suggested Categories: select one of the suggested subcategories at the top of the screen. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to suggest the 6 most likely subcategories for the transaction. The more customers re-categorise their transactions, the smarter and more accurate our suggested categories will be.

Search for your subcategory by typing the name of the subcategory in the search field. We also use synonyms for our subcategories so even if you don’t know the exact name, we’ll still suggest subcategories for you.

Select the Category and then search through the list of subcategories.

If you are on the web browser version, you can create categorisation rules for similar transactions by selecting the Apply to existing and future transactions checkbox at the bottom left of the Categories screen.


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