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Do I not comply with my online banking terms and conditions if I use MoneyBrilliant?

At MoneyBrilliant we understand that online security and the risk of fraudulent transactions is an important issue for our customers. For that reason, MoneyBrilliant and our suppliers take security very seriously and we use highly secure technology and encryption to protect your data.

One of the most important things to remember is that MoneyBrilliant is not a transactional service and it is not possible to transact on any of your accounts or move your money through the MoneyBrilliant service. 

Taking reasonable care and precautions with your account credentials is just one measure among many you should use to protect your accounts from fraudulent transactions. We recommend you take the multitude of precautions and security measures available to you, like using strong passwords on your MoneyBrilliant account and activating online security features like SMS verification for processing transactions and speak with your financial institution about use of the service.


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