What is MoneyBrilliant?

MoneyBrilliant Help is a revolutionary service designed to help people make better decisions about their money so they can live better lives. It is brought to you by a group of people who passionately believe that with a little help everyone can make better decisions about their money. We know that most people don’t get […]

How does MoneyBrilliant Work?

MoneyBrilliant Help is a revolutionary service designed to help people make better decisions about their money so they can live better lives. MoneyBrilliant Help brings all your financial information together so you can see everything in one place. Once your financial information is all in one place it becomes easier to understand what you earn, […]

Is my personal information and money safe with MoneyBrilliant?

MoneyBrilliant Help uses industry standard security technology, just like your bank, to protect your information and your money. When you connect your financial accounts and provide us with your login credentials these are passed directly, over a secure, encrypted connection, to a company called Yodlee. They are not stored or held by MoneyBrilliant Help. Yodlee […]

What information do you ask for and why?

MoneyBrilliant Help collects personal and financial information from you when you register for a MoneyBrilliant Help account. The registration process is the same regardless of which platform you use to complete the registration. To complete the registration, you must provide: Email address First Name Last Name Password (the password must be a minimum of 8 […]

Why do I need to provide my login details?

We ask for your login credentials so we can connect your online accounts to MoneyBrilliant Help Connecting accounts is the key to MoneyBrilliant Help providing you with a complete picture of your money, monitoring your spending, helping you create a budget and providing you with insights about your money. Without connecting your accounts, you will […]

Do I breach my online banking terms and conditions if I use MoneyBrilliant?

At MoneyBrilliant Help we understand that online security and the risk of fraudulent transactions is an important issue for our customers. For that reason, MoneyBrilliant Help and our suppliers take security very seriously and we use highly secure technology and encryption to protect your data. One of the most important things to remember is that […]

Can anyone at MoneyBrilliant access my information?

Our security measures ensure your information is protected against unauthorised access from persons outside and within MoneyBrilliant. Within MoneyBrilliant we control who has access to customer information by using password protected access controls on all our technology systems. Our Customer Information and Data Policy specifies which staff have access to our systems and the information […]

How should I protect my MoneyBrilliant account?

MoneyBrilliant Help uses the industry standard security technology, just like your bank, to to protect your account and the information in your account. While we believe we use best practice to secure your information, we recommend you adopt best practice for your MoneyBrilliant Help account to give you additional comfort your information is safe and […]

How much does MoneyBrilliant cost?

At MoneyBrilliant Help we are passionate about helping people make better decisions about their money because it helps people live better lives. So we want to make the MoneyBrilliant Help service accessible to as many people as we can. There are two versions of the MoneyBrilliant Help service – MoneyBrilliant Help Basic and MoneyBrilliant Help […]

What are the features of MoneyBrilliant Plus?

In addition to the functionality available in MoneyBrilliant Help Basic, MoneyBrilliant Help Plus provides the following features: Data Exports Transaction Tagging Insights and Recommendations Tax Deductions Net Worth: the ability to add, edit & delete properties, vehicles, assets and liabilities Net Worth – tracking historical balances Tracking historical balances at account level Bill Watch for […]